Thursday, November 24, 2005

One hundred and one ways that Windows crashes...

So I am sitting in my business sys & tech class, in front of a computer... The computer runs Windows 2000. The only tasks running were those deemed needed or nessessrary by either the sysadmin, or the School Board of Hillsbourgh County. Basically anti-virus, ethernet card config,
and a small tray tool for the onboard Intel video card, much like the nVidia tray tool, and core system tasks, nothing else. Not Word (yuck), nothing else. Not even the World's Worst Web Browser. All I am doing is wiggling the mouse around the screen, and out of the blue: CRASH!
I get this in a box:
The system service LSXSS.exe has unexpectedly exited with return code 127. The system will now shut down in 0:01:00. This shutdown was initiated by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.
If I called up Microsoft and reported this, they would say I did something wrong. How the fuck is just moving the mouse around wrong? How the fuck is it?!?!?! I didn't click anything. Just moved it in circles. WHAT DID I DO TO CAUSE IT TO CRASH?!?!? NOTHING!!!

Of course, this is why they are going to install Linux on 2 spare iMacs found collecting dust and roaches in a corner.

See, it is not my fault that Microsoft cannot create a product that actually works correctly. If moving themouse around is wrong and warrants a system crash, why doesn't Mac OS, Linux, Free/Net/OpenBSD, IRIX, AIX, Solaris, ReactOS, Acorn, BeOS, NeXTstep, OpenStep, etc. crash when you do the exact same thing?

That is my view.

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