Monday, May 15, 2006

Ahh, another asshole.

Today, we discuss another asshole. Gerald Lopes is the biggest idiotic moron in the JROTC program to date. He acts like I am a walking plauge! I hope this asshole get thrown in prison for being gay.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Republicans are Marxist bastards.

Recently, I have read the biggest piece of bullshit, hyperlinked by this post's title (that means, click on the title at the top of this post to see what I am talking about).

Anyways, here's the email I sent to Shelly:

No no no, you got it all wrong, George Bush is communist. He's with the oil companies, whose corporate headquarters are in countries full of... Arabs! That's right! George W. Bush is siding with them, and you are a naive idiot to think otherwise. He became President so that no one would question him in any wrongdoing, and guess what, IT'S WORKING. Just look how he sits all innocent, while his oil stock goes up with gas prices. Purely evil, I tell you. His best friend is probably Osama Bin Laden.

Now, back to this "Linux is evil" issue. It's a total crock of shit, and you know it. Linux wasn't created to take SHIT from anyone. It wasn't created to attack Windows (which was a horrible piece of 16-bit shit in 1991, with cooperative multitasking (which causes bad things to happen), whereas Linux has had pre-emptive multitasking and a modern 32-bit kernel and userspace since it's inception), it's original reason to exist was to provide a nice, free (as in freedom, not price) alternative to Minix. Not Windows, Not UNIX (which was owned by AT&T at that time), not anything else. Sure, you could get a free (as in freedom, not price) UNIX from the University of California's Computer Research center at Berkley for $800 dollars. It was called BSD -- the same BSD as FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD. But no, Linux wasn't created to attack Windows. The people that Linux was made for would rather die before using Windows.

You make idiotic claims that there is no anti-virus fron Norton. Actually, there is no Norton anymore. It's just a name used by Symantic, which bought out Norton, Inc. YEARS ago. There is anti-virus for Linux, made by Grisoft.

If Linux is so comunist, why will Sony ship it with their PlayStation 3? Why did NASA (a government orgnization) just spend some big bucks on a high preformance Linux cluster? Why? cause Windows is a inferior joke. It couldn't be clustered if you wanted to cluster it.

The entire idea of using Linux to beat Windows was created by IBM, Red Hat, Inc., Novell, and a few other companies. The creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, couldn't give a flying fuck if Linux was ever used by anyone. He honestly doesn't care. He doesn't care if Windows is number one -- Remember, Linux was technologically far superior to Windows from it's inception.

Thirdly you say there is no decent office suite for Linux -- I fail to find the lack of an offering from Microsoft a total lack thereof. Microsoft isn't the end-all be-all of the computer industry. Hell, all they are is a ad-hoc company that just steals shit from Apple all the time, in fact, they got sued in the 80's over that. There is a office suite for Linux, in fact, there is a good few of them. OpenOffice is totally free, and can read Microsoft Office documents with ease. If you have KDE, you can use KOffice, and Sun offers their StarOffice product for Linux as well.

Fourth, you claim that there is no Frontpage. Get over it. If you can't make HTML code by hand, what the fuck good are you? I'll tell you: You are as worthy as a web designer as you claim the Democrats are. (My political stance is Independent, I refuse to take sides). Either learn HTML by hand or shut the fuck up already. Ever heard of Nvu? Probably not, because you have this idiotic, completly Socialist ideology that the only good things are those produced by companies. I know that Karl Marx held the same ideas. You claim to be so democratic and freedom-loving, but you have proven yourself a Marxist all the way.

Fifth, you have the idea that anything non-American is inferior and should be eradicated. I know a man that had a similar idea, his name is Adolf Hitler, and he only had one testicle. Ohh, and he killed 6 million Jews, but that's not important, because they weren't Americans, they were just European Jews, right? That makes it right that he killed them, in your mentality, right, right? In fact, this ideal of yours is the most Marxist, Communist, Socialist, idiotic piece-of-shit mentality ever made.

And I can prove there is no God; if He existed, he wouldn't have allowed you to exist. May your Marxist self rot in hell.

-- Segin, proud American (which you aren't)