Sunday, November 13, 2005

Jory A. Pratt -- Troll, or net.kook? You decide.

There is a developer for Gentoo Linux whose name is Jory A. Pratt -- you'll see lots of archived email by this guy if you just google his name.

This guy is full of himself. Not joking. He's full of shit up to his eyes, and the rest is toilet paper.

He is a racist, a bigot, and a self-cenered asshole. He takes pride in disgracing the Marine Corps., stealing other peoples' work, and even violating U.S. copyright law. (which is a federal offense). He claims to be a expert at qmail, which he isn't. He also claimed to make the magnesium chat client for Yahoo! (runs on most Unices, including Linux, the BSDs, Solaris, and Darwin.), which he didn't. He is at best a maintainer, and a shitty one at that.

This guy is an utter asshole, and a communist dog. He uses the ID 'Anarch_Penguin' on Yahoo!'s "Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris:1" chat room, and 'anarchy' on Freenode IRC. His other Yahoo! ID is jory_is_da_man, (which, by the way Jory, you're not. Get over yourself.)

There are others that have well documented his behaviour. I will not repeat what they have alerady said -- you can just read the facts for yourself. Here be the linky. That will be all, until next time.

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