Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Great Habbo Raid Video Series

So, I've been on YouTube looking for videos on the Habbo raids. I found a series of videos that just kicks ass, so I'll post them below.

The great Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4 (final part):

Ship's Closed (omake):

Thursday, September 28, 2006

War on Drugs? Try War of Stupidity!

The following is quoted verbatim from

How long has there been a "War on Drugs"? Seems forever. (It was announced by Richard Nixon in 1971, but goes back millennia, as we saw above.) And year after year, it just gets crazier and crazier, ruins more and more lives, and drives the U.S. further into the pit of social disaster. How is it possible that this insanity persists (even though intelligent and rational people have been pointing out for many years how crazy and evil it is)? Read this page (and page two) for an understanding of what lies behind this monstrosity.

America, with less than 5 percent of the world population, has a quarter of the world's prisoners. There are six times as many Americans behind bars as are imprisoned in the 12 countries that make up the entire European Union, even though those countries have 100 million more citizens than the United States. Our jails and prisons have become the 51st state, with a greater combined population than Alaska, North Dakota and South Dakota. — Editorial, San Jose Mercury News, 1999-12-31.

In August [2000], the U.S. Department of Justice revealed that the number of men and women behind bars in the U.S. at the end of 1999 exceeded two million and the rate of incarceration had reached 690 inmates per 100,000 residents — a rate Human Rights Watch believed to be the highest in the world (with the exception of Rwanda). ... The unrelenting war on drugs continued to pull hundreds of thousands of drug offenders into the criminal justice system: 1,559,100 people were arrested on drug charges in 1998; approximately 450,000 drug offenders were confined in jails and prisons. According to the Department of Justice, 107,000 people were sent to state prison on drug charges in 1998, representing 30.8 percent of all new state admissions. Drug offenders constituted 57.8 percent of all federal inmates.Human Rights Watch World Report 2001: United States

At this time the Gulag Archipelago, the scattered islands of prisons in which hundreds of thousands of non-violent people are locked away for half their lives for their opposition to the disgraceful and immoral policies of a tyrannical and dictatorial state, is not in Russia, rather it is in the United States of America. This is a crime against humanity by which the government of the United States, which trumpets itself as a defender of liberty and democracy, makes itself into an object of contempt in the eyes of the world.

Friday, September 08, 2006

MSN Conversations Part 1

[22:10:03] matman: probally its way too expensive for what it is but it are great coffee
[22:10:25] matman: the good thing is i didnt pay for it
[22:10:53] matman: and still some poor nigger kids in africa now are rich cause of it
[22:12:14] matman: i think i got better things to do then chat on them MSN
[22:12:20] matman: he gots lots of weed
[22:12:45] matman: hes dad is a real gipsy with a trailer and lots of weed
[22:39:54] matman: i once almost fell out of my window when i peed trough it when i was drunk
[22:40:05] matman: thats why i dont pee there anymore
[22:40:10] matman: id fall 20 meters
[22:40:31] matman: hm maybe only 15 or so
[22:40:38] matman: duno how high my house is
[22:40:53] Lord Segin the Hacker: more like 15 _feet_.
[22:46:05] Lord Segin the Hacker: so you pee on your kitchen roof?
[22:46:21] matman: no theres some thing to catch rain under it
[22:46:27] Lord Segin the Hacker: it's called a gutter.
[22:47:06] matman: and can be get out with a manual pump down here
[22:47:22] matman: so my pee can be reused if needed
[22:55:05] matman: i am smoking cigars that taste like coconuts and other stuff
[22:55:40] matman: i been smoking weird things today
[22:55:53] Lord Segin the Hacker: like what, some guys pole?
[22:56:01] Lord Segin the Hacker: just kidding
[22:56:27] matman: hops, aplle tobaco, spanish filter cigarettes, them coconut cigars
[22:56:40] Lord Segin the Hacker: you've been _smoking_ hops?
[22:56:46] Lord Segin the Hacker: How do you do that?!
[22:56:46] matman: yep
[22:57:36] matman: dry them egg shaped things on the plant, get teh yellow powder out and roll it in a joint
[22:57:55] matman: it makes you slightly high and euphoric for a short time
[22:58:10] matman: its quite subtle but realy nice
[22:59:21] matman: or you can cook them filter the stuff, vaporize all the water and smoke the sticky brown leftovers
[22:59:28] matman: but dunno if it really works
[22:59:57] matman: only did it once and i didnt feel really much but i was high and drunk already
[23:01:40] matman: i tend to use my kitchen as a drug lab
[23:07:02] matman: i use some device my mom uses for grinding herbs for teh food as a grinder for weed
[23:07:19] matman: thats one of them things why my mom gets stoned every now and then
[23:08:09] matman: my mom even got stoned from 2nd hand smoke once
[23:08:51] matman: i smoked for like 10euros of weed in my living room in one joint
[23:09:17] matman: and after a while my mom wondered why she got that dizzy
[23:10:00] matman: i puked that day
[23:10:29] matman: only one of my friends was smoking from it too
[23:11:24] matman: it was really strong weed bough here in belguim
[23:11:38] matman: so very probally other drugs where on it
[23:12:00] Lord Segin the Hacker: *coughcrackcough*
[23:12:03] matman: they always put things like crack or dmt on weed here to make it addictive
[23:12:26] matman: if i buy weed in holland its really different
[23:12:47] matman: from belgian weed i even started hallucinating
[23:13:25] matman: a girl i know once was brought to them hospital after smoking weed with speed on it
[23:14:36] Lord Segin the Hacker: hmm
[23:14:46] matman: she was on some scouting camp
[23:14:49] Lord Segin the Hacker: I once smoked so much weed that like I wasn't high no more.
[23:15:31] matman: i smoked that much weed once i was looking for the toilet in tristans house on the couch in my room
[23:15:40] matman: i really believed i was in his house
[23:16:24] matman: and somehow i suddenly remembered i was in my room
[23:16:32] matman: i tried to stand up
[23:16:32] Lord Segin the Hacker: and peed out the window?
[23:16:57] matman: nah i didt even have to pee it afterwards
[23:17:07] Lord Segin the Hacker: probably pissed yourself.
[23:17:12] matman: i stood up and the normal world faded back in
[23:17:19] matman: nah i didnt
[23:17:44] matman: i suddenly remembered i just smoked weed in my room
[23:18:04] matman: and took a good look around
[23:18:11] matman: and realized i still was there
[23:18:53] matman: when i smoked them 10euro of weed in one joint me and my friend started moving our legs
[23:18:57] matman: and couldnt stop
[23:19:03] matman: for like half an hour
[23:20:03] matman: until some girl dont remember who sat on them after i asked to help stop my legs
[23:21:25] matman: i once found white powder wich looked like little crystals in my weed after i smoked all normal stuff
[23:21:38] matman: and them powder made me stoned too
[23:21:47] matman: it really looked like coke or so
[23:22:13] matman: maybe just stuff from the weed too
[23:22:30] matman: like teh stuff sticking too the bags usually but lots
[23:22:44] matman: and more shiny and transparent
[23:23:07] matman: it could have been coke
[23:23:39] matman: them guy who sold me it sometimes uses coke so it wouldnt be weird
[23:24:30] matman: some stupid kid actually but i asked someone to buy for me and he didnt find his dealer
[23:25:59] matman: that kid lost them damn good expensive bike friends of me stole
[23:27:13] matman: he had just put it outdoors in the middle of the city
[23:28:01] matman: if hed sold it he could even got a few hundred dollars
[23:32:05] matman: my sister says damn weird things when you wake her up
[23:32:28] matman: she just said eaawie ie or so
[23:32:34] Lord Segin the Hacker: quote them to me
[23:32:51] Lord Segin the Hacker: what are her name?
[23:33:04] matman: once she said like but mom didnt you gave me relatin didnt you write that on the board
[23:33:07] matman: jana
[23:33:12] Lord Segin the Hacker: hmm...
[23:33:21] matman: she even never took relatin
[23:33:29] matman: i tried it once, and it are sucks
[23:33:34] Lord Segin the Hacker: go up to her and say "konichi wa, jana-neechan"
[23:34:02] Lord Segin the Hacker: but you gotta pronounce it right
[23:34:15] matman: konichi wa i can pronounce
[23:34:20] matman: but whats neechan means
[23:34:41] Lord Segin the Hacker: neechan : older (nee) girl; sister (chan)
[23:34:54] Lord Segin the Hacker: it's a ae sounds..
[23:34:58] Lord Segin the Hacker: like hay
[23:35:12] Lord Segin the Hacker: it prnounce same way as nay
[23:35:16] matman: she knows what konii tsei wa means btw
[23:35:21] matman: i think so tho
[23:35:35] Lord Segin the Hacker: you knowwhat it are mean, though?
[23:35:50] matman: something like hi or good day
[23:35:57] Lord Segin the Hacker: it is "hello" in japanese
[23:35:59] matman: and harikato i know too
[23:36:07] Lord Segin the Hacker: ?
[23:36:11] matman: its goeiedag translated to duch
[23:36:14] Lord Segin the Hacker: ahh
[23:36:17] matman: harikato is like thanks
[23:36:28] matman: goeiedag is different then just hello
[23:36:28] Lord Segin the Hacker: it's arigatou
[23:36:32] matman: but about the same
[23:36:43] Lord Segin the Hacker: romanization is kinda hard to preform
[23:37:14] matman: i write how its written in them japanese to dutch book i have
[23:37:17] matman: somewhere
[23:37:38] matman: i once had a japanes gf
[23:37:42] matman: longg ago
[23:37:46] Lord Segin the Hacker: it are written that way to help for pronounce
[23:37:50] matman: but she whent to japan
[23:38:04] matman: but i didnt really care
[23:38:13] matman: i didnt like having a gf back then
[23:38:18] matman: i was like 10 or so
[23:39:28] matman: now i got a pic of my gf hanging behind my pc here
[23:39:50] matman: she gonna be back in about 10 days
[23:40:01] matman: i gona open some bottle of damn good wine then
[23:40:02] Lord Segin the Hacker: gonna fuck her?
[23:40:08] matman: that too
[23:40:11] matman: of course
[23:40:12] Lord Segin the Hacker: gimmie pics ^^
[23:40:40] matman: hmm damn then i heve to look for pics again
[23:41:18] Lord Segin the Hacker: well, hmm get more when she come back
[23:41:56] matman: i think she was on some pics i sent you recently