Saturday, March 21, 2009

Morality Subverted

I obviously have no idea how to title a blog post, but, whatever. I start here by typing away unimaginativly on my keyboard, listing to the like of Avenged Sevenfold and 30 Seconds To Mars. I feel pathetic, useless, and stupid. I look around me, there is a friend of mine, 20 or 21 or so, just opening and closing his clamshell mobile. There's a fat woman in the lounge chair that could be the cryptkeeper, and is utterly and totally blind to how the real world works (or rather, how it has worked since the 1980s). There is an old guy sitting next to me, in his mid 50s. These three people talk, nearly oblivious to my presence. On top of that, the woman is the mother of the 50-something man sitting next to me, and he is the father of my friend, who is sitting by the window.

I am bored. I want to leave, go somewhere, and shoot myself. My laptop's battery is almost dead, the TV is set to the TV Guide Channel, with an never-ending scrolling TV guide rolling along the bottom of the screen.