Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wal-Mart has crap for security.

I have successfully managed to steal 2 512MB USB 2.0 flash drives from the local Wal-Mart "superstore". The fuckers are generic as hell, though. Most flash drives come inm a completely-plastic package, while this was in a cardboard back with a plastic bubble package (think Hot Wheels cars in their package, except the car is a USB drive). It's identifiable with P/N:8PWM040001C-R00 on the reverse side.

These things has no manufacturer info save that a company mnamed "CRS" made the drive or it's controller. The only identifying string is "JET007 DISK 2.0 USB Device".

This thing is fucking cheap. I don't know why I even stole it, aside from I could use 512MB of storage apiece.

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