Friday, September 08, 2006

MSN Conversations Part 1

[22:10:03] matman: probally its way too expensive for what it is but it are great coffee
[22:10:25] matman: the good thing is i didnt pay for it
[22:10:53] matman: and still some poor nigger kids in africa now are rich cause of it
[22:12:14] matman: i think i got better things to do then chat on them MSN
[22:12:20] matman: he gots lots of weed
[22:12:45] matman: hes dad is a real gipsy with a trailer and lots of weed
[22:39:54] matman: i once almost fell out of my window when i peed trough it when i was drunk
[22:40:05] matman: thats why i dont pee there anymore
[22:40:10] matman: id fall 20 meters
[22:40:31] matman: hm maybe only 15 or so
[22:40:38] matman: duno how high my house is
[22:40:53] Lord Segin the Hacker: more like 15 _feet_.
[22:46:05] Lord Segin the Hacker: so you pee on your kitchen roof?
[22:46:21] matman: no theres some thing to catch rain under it
[22:46:27] Lord Segin the Hacker: it's called a gutter.
[22:47:06] matman: and can be get out with a manual pump down here
[22:47:22] matman: so my pee can be reused if needed
[22:55:05] matman: i am smoking cigars that taste like coconuts and other stuff
[22:55:40] matman: i been smoking weird things today
[22:55:53] Lord Segin the Hacker: like what, some guys pole?
[22:56:01] Lord Segin the Hacker: just kidding
[22:56:27] matman: hops, aplle tobaco, spanish filter cigarettes, them coconut cigars
[22:56:40] Lord Segin the Hacker: you've been _smoking_ hops?
[22:56:46] Lord Segin the Hacker: How do you do that?!
[22:56:46] matman: yep
[22:57:36] matman: dry them egg shaped things on the plant, get teh yellow powder out and roll it in a joint
[22:57:55] matman: it makes you slightly high and euphoric for a short time
[22:58:10] matman: its quite subtle but realy nice
[22:59:21] matman: or you can cook them filter the stuff, vaporize all the water and smoke the sticky brown leftovers
[22:59:28] matman: but dunno if it really works
[22:59:57] matman: only did it once and i didnt feel really much but i was high and drunk already
[23:01:40] matman: i tend to use my kitchen as a drug lab
[23:07:02] matman: i use some device my mom uses for grinding herbs for teh food as a grinder for weed
[23:07:19] matman: thats one of them things why my mom gets stoned every now and then
[23:08:09] matman: my mom even got stoned from 2nd hand smoke once
[23:08:51] matman: i smoked for like 10euros of weed in my living room in one joint
[23:09:17] matman: and after a while my mom wondered why she got that dizzy
[23:10:00] matman: i puked that day
[23:10:29] matman: only one of my friends was smoking from it too
[23:11:24] matman: it was really strong weed bough here in belguim
[23:11:38] matman: so very probally other drugs where on it
[23:12:00] Lord Segin the Hacker: *coughcrackcough*
[23:12:03] matman: they always put things like crack or dmt on weed here to make it addictive
[23:12:26] matman: if i buy weed in holland its really different
[23:12:47] matman: from belgian weed i even started hallucinating
[23:13:25] matman: a girl i know once was brought to them hospital after smoking weed with speed on it
[23:14:36] Lord Segin the Hacker: hmm
[23:14:46] matman: she was on some scouting camp
[23:14:49] Lord Segin the Hacker: I once smoked so much weed that like I wasn't high no more.
[23:15:31] matman: i smoked that much weed once i was looking for the toilet in tristans house on the couch in my room
[23:15:40] matman: i really believed i was in his house
[23:16:24] matman: and somehow i suddenly remembered i was in my room
[23:16:32] matman: i tried to stand up
[23:16:32] Lord Segin the Hacker: and peed out the window?
[23:16:57] matman: nah i didt even have to pee it afterwards
[23:17:07] Lord Segin the Hacker: probably pissed yourself.
[23:17:12] matman: i stood up and the normal world faded back in
[23:17:19] matman: nah i didnt
[23:17:44] matman: i suddenly remembered i just smoked weed in my room
[23:18:04] matman: and took a good look around
[23:18:11] matman: and realized i still was there
[23:18:53] matman: when i smoked them 10euro of weed in one joint me and my friend started moving our legs
[23:18:57] matman: and couldnt stop
[23:19:03] matman: for like half an hour
[23:20:03] matman: until some girl dont remember who sat on them after i asked to help stop my legs
[23:21:25] matman: i once found white powder wich looked like little crystals in my weed after i smoked all normal stuff
[23:21:38] matman: and them powder made me stoned too
[23:21:47] matman: it really looked like coke or so
[23:22:13] matman: maybe just stuff from the weed too
[23:22:30] matman: like teh stuff sticking too the bags usually but lots
[23:22:44] matman: and more shiny and transparent
[23:23:07] matman: it could have been coke
[23:23:39] matman: them guy who sold me it sometimes uses coke so it wouldnt be weird
[23:24:30] matman: some stupid kid actually but i asked someone to buy for me and he didnt find his dealer
[23:25:59] matman: that kid lost them damn good expensive bike friends of me stole
[23:27:13] matman: he had just put it outdoors in the middle of the city
[23:28:01] matman: if hed sold it he could even got a few hundred dollars
[23:32:05] matman: my sister says damn weird things when you wake her up
[23:32:28] matman: she just said eaawie ie or so
[23:32:34] Lord Segin the Hacker: quote them to me
[23:32:51] Lord Segin the Hacker: what are her name?
[23:33:04] matman: once she said like but mom didnt you gave me relatin didnt you write that on the board
[23:33:07] matman: jana
[23:33:12] Lord Segin the Hacker: hmm...
[23:33:21] matman: she even never took relatin
[23:33:29] matman: i tried it once, and it are sucks
[23:33:34] Lord Segin the Hacker: go up to her and say "konichi wa, jana-neechan"
[23:34:02] Lord Segin the Hacker: but you gotta pronounce it right
[23:34:15] matman: konichi wa i can pronounce
[23:34:20] matman: but whats neechan means
[23:34:41] Lord Segin the Hacker: neechan : older (nee) girl; sister (chan)
[23:34:54] Lord Segin the Hacker: it's a ae sounds..
[23:34:58] Lord Segin the Hacker: like hay
[23:35:12] Lord Segin the Hacker: it prnounce same way as nay
[23:35:16] matman: she knows what konii tsei wa means btw
[23:35:21] matman: i think so tho
[23:35:35] Lord Segin the Hacker: you knowwhat it are mean, though?
[23:35:50] matman: something like hi or good day
[23:35:57] Lord Segin the Hacker: it is "hello" in japanese
[23:35:59] matman: and harikato i know too
[23:36:07] Lord Segin the Hacker: ?
[23:36:11] matman: its goeiedag translated to duch
[23:36:14] Lord Segin the Hacker: ahh
[23:36:17] matman: harikato is like thanks
[23:36:28] matman: goeiedag is different then just hello
[23:36:28] Lord Segin the Hacker: it's arigatou
[23:36:32] matman: but about the same
[23:36:43] Lord Segin the Hacker: romanization is kinda hard to preform
[23:37:14] matman: i write how its written in them japanese to dutch book i have
[23:37:17] matman: somewhere
[23:37:38] matman: i once had a japanes gf
[23:37:42] matman: longg ago
[23:37:46] Lord Segin the Hacker: it are written that way to help for pronounce
[23:37:50] matman: but she whent to japan
[23:38:04] matman: but i didnt really care
[23:38:13] matman: i didnt like having a gf back then
[23:38:18] matman: i was like 10 or so
[23:39:28] matman: now i got a pic of my gf hanging behind my pc here
[23:39:50] matman: she gonna be back in about 10 days
[23:40:01] matman: i gona open some bottle of damn good wine then
[23:40:02] Lord Segin the Hacker: gonna fuck her?
[23:40:08] matman: that too
[23:40:11] matman: of course
[23:40:12] Lord Segin the Hacker: gimmie pics ^^
[23:40:40] matman: hmm damn then i heve to look for pics again
[23:41:18] Lord Segin the Hacker: well, hmm get more when she come back
[23:41:56] matman: i think she was on some pics i sent you recently

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